Shipping Charges and Area of Delivery:


Probook currently only offers local delivers (in Israel)


Delivery Times


The estimated delivery time is between 14-21 business days.

Most orders are processed within 48-72 hours of receipt, not including weekends or holidays.

If we have your ordered items in stock, you can expect to have your books by this time,

plus the time of the actual delivery.


While we try to keep as many books as possible available in our store,

there is still a good possibility that we will need to obtain your items from abroad

(typically, from a publisher or supplier).

In this case, delivery time may take longer :



If the book is in stock at the publisher or supplier,

we will usually be able to supply it within 14 business days.



If the book is out of stock, supply time varies.

We will contact you with the expected date of delivery.



If the book is out of print, we can only supply it as a second hand book.

We will inform you of this situation, and if you so choose we, will try to obtain a second hand copy.

We will inform you of the supply time.



If the book is not yet published, we will keep your order open until it becomes available.

Once it is available, supply time is the same as for a book that is in stock at the publisher or supplier.



Probook always strives to deliver your order as quickly as possible,

and to provide you with all necessary information regarding your order.

 However, because most of the books we offer are imported,

the supply schedule also depends on the publisher or supplier, different freight forwarders, and customs.

That being said, Probook takes great pride in its record for quick delivery and efficient service.