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The Washington Manual of Surgery 8e ie

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8th Revised edition
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Paperback / softback
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24 באוק׳ 2019

Written by teams of Washington University residents and faculty, The Washington Manual® of Surgery, 8th Edition, focuses on the essential information you need to know, providing concise, high-yield content that covers the broad spectrum of patient care in general surgery. In one convenient, portable resource, you’ll find practical information on all surgical subspecialties (thoracic, GI, colorectal, cardiac, vascular, breast, trauma, critical care, and more)—all at your fingertips for quick review and reference. This bestselling manual is an excellent source of expert guidance for surgical residents, attendings, medical students, and others who provide care for patients with surgical disease.

  • Presents information in a succinct, consistent, outline format that conveys the most important diagnostic and management information for a given topic.
  • Features new chapters on Radiology, Trauma Resuscitation and Adjuncts, and Intraoperative Considerations.
  • Includes more clinical algorithms of disease work-up, diagnosis, and management, as well as updated board-style questions in every chapter.
  • Covers the latest advances in surgical technique, instrumentation, and standards of practice, including more information on HIPEC and new coverage of the pregnant patient.
  • Provides updated references for readers who would like additional information on a particular topic.
  • Written by faculty and residents from the Washington University School of Medicine in St. Louis, one of the world’s top surgical training programs.

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מהדורה 8th Revised edition
עמודים / Pages 984
פורמט Paperback / softback
ISBN10 197512006X
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  • Contents
    Contributors iii
    Foreword x
    Preface xii

    Preoperative Evaluation and Care 1
    C. Alston James and Mary E. Klingensmith

    Intraoperative Considerations 15
    Matthew R. Schill and Michael M. Awad

    Common Postoperative Problems 26
    Jessica L. Hudson, Melissa K. Stewart, and Isaiah R. Turnbull

    Nutrition 49
    Kristen M. Seiler and Sara A. Buckman

    Fluid, Electrolytes, and Acid—
    Base Disorders Base 64
    Matthew T. Grant and Tiffany M. Osborn

    Hemostasis, Anticoagulation,
    and Transfusions 95
    Rahul R. Handa, Isaiah R. Turnbull, and Omer Ismail

    Anesthesia 123
    Megan O. Kelly and Tracey W. Stevens

    Critical Care 139
    Robert M. MacGregor and Clare H. Ridley

    Trauma Resuscitation and Adjuncts 160
    Emily J. Onufer and Jason A. Snyder
    Head, Neck, and Spinal Trauma 176
    Erin G. Andrade and Bradley D. Freeman 11
    Chest Trauma 189
    Jason M. Gauthier and Grant V. Bochicchio
    Abdominal Trauma 203
    Joseph C. Fusco and Douglas J. Schuerer
    Extremity Trauma 216
    Trina Ghosh and Christopher M. McAndrew
    Burns 237
    Kelly Koch and John P. Kirby
    Wound Care 250
    Erin G. Andrade and Laurie J. Punch
    Acute Abdomen 263
    Ali J. Khiabani and Obeid N. Ilahi
    Esophagus 273
    Lauren M. Barron and Bryan F. Meyers
    Stomach 290
    Bradley A. Krasnick and William G. Hawkins
    The Surgical Management of Obesity 303
    Katharine Caldwell and J. Christopher Eagon
    Small Intestine 314
    Darren R. Cullinan and Paul E. Wise
    Surgical Diseases of the Liver 331
    David G. Brauer, Kathryn J. Fowler, and William C. Chapman
    Surgical Diseases of the Biliary Tree 348
    Matthew S. Strand and Adeel S. Khan23
    Pancreas 363
    Timothy M. Nywening and Steven M. Strasberg
    Spleen 386
    Roheena Z. Panni and M. Majella Doyle
    Abdominal Transplantation 403
    Jessica Lindemann and Jason R. Wellen
    Appendix 424
    Ina Chen and Sean C. Glasgow
    Colon and Rectum 435
    Coen L. Klos, Richard Tsai, and Steven R. Hunt
    Anorectal Disease 464
    William C. Chapman, Jr and Matthew G. Mutch
    Hernias 478
    Wen Hui Tan and Jeffrey A. Blatnik
    Endoscopic, Laparoscopic, and
    Robotic Surgery 499
    Bola Aladegbami and Michael M. Awad
    Breast 511
    Leisha C. Elmore and Julie A. Margenthaler
    Skin and Soft Tissue Tumors 544
    Julie G. Grossman and Ryan C. Fields
    Diseases of the Adrenal, Pituitary, and
    Hereditary Endocrine Syndromes 563
    Jared McAllister and L. Michael Brunt 34
    Thyroid and Parathyroid Glands 582
    Jesse T. Davidson IV and William E. Gillanders
    Lung and Mediastinal Diseases 605
    Michael T. Onwugbufor and Varun Puri
    Cardiac Surgery 629
    Timothy S. Lancaster and Spencer J. Melby
    Cerebrovascular Disease 651
    Thomas J. Desmarais and Jeffrey Jim
    Thoracoabdominal Vascular Disease 664
    Jason R. Cook, J. Westley Ohman,
    and Luis A. Sanchez
    Peripheral Arterial Disease 685
    Gayan S. De Silva and Patrick J. Geraghty
    Venous and Lymphatic Disease 705
    Brandon D. Downing and Nanette R. Reed
    Vascular Access 719
    Ali J. Khiabani and Surendra Shenoy
    Pediatric Surgery 729
    Elisabeth K. Wynne and Brad W. Warner
    Otolaryngology for the General Surgeon 753
    Heidi E. L’Esperance and John S. Schneider
    Plastic, Reconstructive,
    and Hand Surgery 770
    Elspeth J.R. Hill and Kamlesh B. Patel45
    Urology 794
    Jonathan R. Weese and Alana C. Desai
    Obstetrics and Gynecology for the
    General Surgeon 814
    Kelli Kreher and Andrea R. Hagemann
    Radiology 829
    Cathleen M. Courtney and Vincent Mellnick
    Biostatistics for the General Surgeon 833
    Melanie P. Subramanian and Graham A. Colditz
    Patient Safety and Quality Improvement 846
    David G. Brauer, Bruce L. Hall, and Jacqueline M. Saito
    Answer Key 855
    Index 899
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