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Ibn Taymiyya

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5 בדצמ׳ 2019

Ibn Taymiyya (1263–1328) was a well-known Sunni Muslim scholar who lived most of his life in Damascus and wrote prolifically on religious matters. He was revered by his contemporaries for his immense learning, his valiant resistance in the face of the Mongol invaders, and his willingness to challenge prevailing religious beliefs and practices. Today, he is quoted by advocates of violent jihad and studied by Muslims confronting the challenges of modernity and globalisation. However, as Jon Hoover shows, he is not always what his modern admirers, or detractors, make him out to be.

This volume explores Ibn Taymiyya's life, thought and legacy. Drawing together the latest research, it discusses several little-known aspects of his thinking, including his views on God's relation to space and the created world, and the ethics of God's interaction with humankind. It is the perfect starting point for anyone interested in this controversial and immensely influential figure.

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תאריך יציאה לאור 5 בדצמ׳ 2019
Author Jon Hoover