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Goldfrank's Toxicologic Emergencies 11e IE

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11the ISE
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15 במרץ 2019

Goldfrank’s is the premier toxicology textbook that should be in every emergency department or poison center library. Whether you are a student, resident, or faculty, there is something here for you. If you are a toxicology fellow or poison specialist studying for your boards, this is your go-to book. I highly recommend this work…

The Journal of Emergency Medicine

The best edition yet of the landmark text in medical toxicology

A Doody’s Core Title for 2022!

Covering every aspect of poison management, this indispensable case-based resource has been thoroughly refreshed to deliver evidence-based principles viewed through the lens of an active bedside clinical practice. In no other reference will you find such a diverse roster of esteemed editors and authors who deliver expert insights into every type of toxicologic emergency, whether due to substance abuse or exposure to toxins.

Fully referenced and supported by a cohesive organization and full-color format, Goldfrank’s begins with a historical perspective on medical toxicology principles and the general approach to the patient. It then progresses to the fundamental principles of medical toxicology, encompassing biochemical and molecular concepts; the effect of xenobiotics on vital organs and body systems; and toxicologic principles in special populations.

The Eleventh Edition of Goldfrank’s Toxicologic Emergencies is the most rigorous volume to date, driven by a precise analysis of the latest medical literature and complex cases designed to facilitate differential diagnosis.

New to this Edition:

•  Additional cases and “Special Considerations” chapters designed to enhance clinical decision-making and patient outcomes
•  New “Antidotes in Depth” provides timely, critical information on toxicologic treatment strategies
•  New content on toxicogenomics explores its increasingly important role in predictive toxicology
•  Chapter-ending bulleted summaries of key points 
•  Updated coverage of synthetics such as “K2”
•  Revised chapters on medical, clinical, and chemical toxicology include updated insights on poison emergencies, treatment strategies, and risk assessment tools



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מהדורה 11the ISE
פורמט Paperback / softback
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Author Lewis Nelson