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Essentials Of Equipment In Anaesthesia, Critical Care And Perioperative Medicine 6th ed.

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6th ed
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asy to read and follow, Essentials of Equipment in Anaesthesia, Critical Care and Perioperative Medicine makes an otherwise dry subject digestible and easy to learn. This practical textbook comprehensively covers all the equipment used in the operating theatre and intensive care unit, including why it is used and any related safety concerns. It has been fully updated in its sixth edition to include new technologies introduced during the Covid-19 pandemic.

This is ideal as the main text for all trainees undertaking the primary FRCA exams and is also suitable anyone who works with anaesthetic equipment, including anaesthetic and intensive care nurses and operating department practitioners. It features concise and consistent text and illustrations, self-assessment features, and exam tips.

  • Key Features
    • Portable, concise and simply formatted – a perfect practical companion
    • Clear coloured images and illustrations bring the text to life
    • Follows the Royal College of Anaesthetists postgraduate training and exam syllabus
    • Summary boxes, more than 100 exam style questions, and OSCE stations and exam tips all aid the reader in exam revisio
  • New to This Edition
    • Covers new equipment and fully updated relevant to current practice
    • Suggested further reading fully updated
    • New information on: Aladin Cassettes; Glostavent machine; CONTRAfluran system; videolaryngoscopy and high definition camera use in intubation and endoscopy; use of ultrasound in epidural; Penthrox; NRFit devices; Cell saver; ECMO



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מהדורה 6th ed
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  • Chapter 1 Medical gas supply
    Chapter 2 The anaesthetic machine
    Chapter 3 Pollution in theatre and scavenging
    Chapter 4 Breathing systems
    Chapter 5 Tracheal tubes, tracheostomy tubes and airways
    Chapter 6 Face Masks and oxygen delivery devices
    Chapter 7 Laryngoscopes and tracheal intubation equipment
    Chapter 8 Ventilators
    Chapter 9 Humidification and filtration
    Chapter 10 Non-invasive monitoring
    Chapter 11 Invasive monitoring
    Chapter 12 Pumps, pain management and regional anaesthesia
    Chapter 13 Additional equipment used in anaesthesia and intensive care
    Chapter 14 Point-of-care testing
    Chapter 15 Electrical safety
    Appendix B: Graphical symbols for use in labelling medical devices
    Appendix C: Decontamination of medical equipment Appendix D: Directory of manufacturers
Author Baha Al-Shaikh, FRCA and Simon G. Stacey, FRCA FFICM
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