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Gattuso's Differential Diagnosis in Surgical Pathology

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4th ED
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Hardback + eBook
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28 ביוני 2021

Widely used by residents, fellows, and practicing pathologists around the world, Gattuso’s Differential Diagnosis in Surgical Pathology provides a user-friendly road map to the main criteria to consider in order to differentiate between a variety of potential diagnoses that all have a very similar appearance. This comprehensive guide helps you make informed decisions for even your most complex and challenging cases, presenting a comprehensive differential diagnosis list and comparisons for every entity discussed. The 4th Edition brings you fully up to date with updated diagnostic techniques, new classifications, and new content throughout—perfect for quick reference at every microscope in the sign-out room. 

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מהדורה 4th ED
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פורמט Hardback + eBook
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1. Special Diagnostic Techniques in Surgical Pathology
2. Skin and Adnexal Structures
3. Head and Neck
4. Lung and Pleura
5. Thymus and Mediastinum
6. Gastrointestinal System
7. Hepatobiliary System
8. Pancreas
9. Adrenal Gland
10. Ureter, Urinary Bladder, and Kidney
11. Male Genitourinary System
12. Female Reproductive System
13. Breast
14. Lymph Nodes
15. Spleen
16. Bones and Joints
17. Soft Tissue
18. Heart, Pericardium, and Blood Vessels
19. Central Nervous System
20. Eye and Orbit

Author Vijaya B. Reddy & Odile David & Daniel J. Spitz & Meryl H. Haber
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