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Urologic Surgical Pathology

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4th Revised edition
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18 באפר׳ 2019
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Offering comprehensive coverage of this fast-changing field for more than 20 years, Urologic Surgical Pathology is an expert guide to all common and rare entities in the genitourinary system. The 4th Edition keeps you fully up to date with discussions of newly recognized tumors and terminologies, the latest classification schemes, current grading approaches, molecular alterations, and commonly used ancillary diagnostic techniques. With its clinical focus on day-to-day urological pathology sign-out and an emphasis on clinicopathologic and radiographic-pathologic correlations, this thoroughly revised uropathology reference is an excellent resource for diagnostic decision making. Includes expanded coverage of differential diagnosis for all tumor types encountered in urological surgical pathology practice. Incorporates the latest TNM staging and WHO classification systems, as well as new diagnostic biomarkers and their utility in differential diagnosis, newly described variants and new histologic entities. Discusses advances in molecular diagnostic testing, its capabilities, and its limitations, including targeted therapy/personalized medicine. Covers new developments in immunohistochemistry and the latest diagnostic tumor markers. Features more than 1,600 high-quality images - all in color - including gross pictures, histopathologic and cytopathologic images, special stains, other ancillaries, drawings, and illustrations. Helps you find information quickly with a consistent chapter format; an abundance of tables, diagrams and flowcharts; boxed lists of types and causes of diseases; differential diagnosis; characteristic features of diseases; complications; classifications; and staging. Enhanced eBook version included with purchase. Your enhanced eBook allows you to access all of the text, figures, and references from the book on a variety of devices.
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מהדורה 4th Revised edition
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תוכן עניינים UROLOGIC SURGICAL PATHOLOGY 4TH EDITION 1. Nonneoplastic diseases of the kidney 2. Neoplasms of the kidney 3. Renal pelvis and ureter 4. Fine needle aspiration of the kidney 5. Nonneoplastic disorders of the urinary bladder 6. Neoplasms of the urinary bladder 7. Urine cytology 8. Nonneoplastic diseases of the prostate 9. Neoplasms of the prostate 10. Seminal vesicles 11. Urethra 12. Nonneoplastic diseases of the testis 13. Neoplasms of the testis 14. Spermatic cord and testicular adnexa 15. Penis and scrotum 16. Adrenal glands
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