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New York
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1 במאי 2018
Even when you've seen them all, some events are truly memorable!
Take a trip through sports history through the eyes of those covering the biggest events of all time. In I Was There! seventy of the biggest names in sports broadcasting and journalism share their personal experiences at the top five sports moments they each saw in person. From cultural phenomena like the Super Bowl, World Series, and Olympics to less-well-known sports and games, the people who brought you these moments on television and radio or wrote the stories you read in the newspaper or online give you a firsthand look at what made these events so special. Join such legends of the business as Marv Albert, Joe Buck, Bob Costas, Jim Nantz, Bob Ryan, and Dick Stockton as they tell their stories from these indelible moments and explain why their five moments stand above all of the others they have seen, and find out why each of them is proud to say "I was there!"
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פורמט Paperback / softback
ISBN10 168358211X
יצא לאור ב New York
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