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Emergency and Trauma Care for Nurses and Paramedics 3e

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3rd Revised edition
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30 ביולי 2019
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Endorsed by the College of Emergency Nursing Australasia CENA is the peak professional association representing emergency nurses and has endorsed this text in recognition of the relevance it has to emergency nursing across Australasia. Led by an expanded editorial team of internationally recognised clinicians, researchers and leaders in emergency care, the 3rd edition of Emergency and Trauma Care for Nurses and Paramedics continues to be the foremost resource for students preparing to enter the emergency environment and for clinicians seeking a greater understanding of multidisciplinary emergency care. The text provides nursing and paramedicine students and clinicians with the opportunity to understand the best available evidence behind the treatment that is provided throughout the emergency care trajectory. This unique approach ultimately seeks to strengthen multidisciplinary care and equip readers with the knowledge and skills to provide safe, quality, emergency care. The 3rd edition builds on the strengths of previous editions and follows a patient journey and body systems approach, spanning the pre-hospital and hospital environments. Additional resources on evolve eBook on VitalSource Instructor resources: PowerPoint slides Test bank Paramedic test bank Case study questions and answers Image collection Additional case studies with answers and rationales Additional paramedic case studies with answers and rationales Student and Instructor resources: Additional case studies Additional paramedic case studies Videos Expanded editorial team, all internationally recognised researchers and leaders in Emergency Care Chapter 6 Patient safety and quality care in emergency All chapters revised to reflect the most up-to-date evidence-based research and practice Case studies and practice tips highlight cultural considerations and communication issues Aligns to NSQHSS 2e, NMBA and PBA Standards An eBook included in all print purchases
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מהדורה 3rd Revised edition
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תוכן עניינים Section 1: Foundations of emergency care Section 2: Clinical concepts and systems Section 3: Emergencies Section 4: Major trauma
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